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--written and submitted by Anna Domenech

Unce upon a time, there was a girl. Her name was Blossom. She was very pretty, but there was one thing wrong about her: she always boasted about it to everyone, even to her little sister, Star.

Blossom didn't read the Bible nor go to church. She thought nobody liked her because they were all jealous.But the truth was somebody did love her and not because she was pretty, but because she was His creation. However, she did not know that. She even thought her parents didn't like her, but they did.

One day she went to a woods. It was called "The Holy Woods" because lots of people prayed to God there. Blossom only cared for herself, so she thought that whoever prayed there was foolish because there was no God and she was the greatest.

She saw nobody was there that day, not one single person; so she sat down and fell asleep. She had a dream: everybody was gone in the village; she was cold and freezing and had nothing to eat at all. Then, there was a voice saying, "Blossom remember me, remember my Word. Obey me. Do not boast. Love your enemy; love your neighbor as yourself."

She woke up, and there was a bright light. She thought it couldn't be, but it was God; and He was really talking to her. When He was done, He was gone. After that, she went to buy a Bible to see if what He said was in there... It was!

She did not boast anymore; instead, she read the Bible and thought. Then, she saw the verse. The verse where she learned she had to make an important prayer: to ask God to forgive her sins, her pride, and so many others; to give her heart to Him; and to ask Him to come and live in her. That day, she made that prayer and turned into a Christian. Everyone saw her change: she was not boasting, and she was going to church.

She was very happy. She made new friends and everything. When she grew up, her father was a pastor; and she had met a pastor at another church. It turned out they got married and became missionaries, and went around the world telling about Jesus .

The End

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