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Non-Physical Violence
by DaySounds 2012

There are laws which deterred people from using violence
against others. If someone gives someone else a black eye,
he will be arrested, prosecutors will file criminal charges, he
will be tried and convicted, ordered to pay a fine, go through
counseling, and perhaps serve jail time. One way or the other,
a criminal record will be stamped on his forehead for life.

But how about the person who incited the punch through his
words? He is not bother by either police or courts. He is declared
free and clean.

Words, body language, and images convey messages. Messages
which can encourage or discourage, calm or excite, construct or
destroy, motivate toward friendship and reconciliation or toward
enmity and war.

Words, body language, and images can wound or heal as much
(sometimes more) than weapons or medicines. How do you feel
if someone "gives you the finger"? It hurts. What if you go to the
grocery store and a guy shouts insults at you, without you having
done anything to provoke him? Look at street gangs, graffiti has
caused and is causing deaths. Why? Because it conveys messages,
and some of those messages hurt as much as a knife.

What if someone makes fun of your mother in public, calls her
names, and speaks of her as a harlot?

Or if the abuse goes directed towards someone you love as much
or more than your mother?

Please, take a moment and think about it.

In likewise manner--through the study of history, reading the paper,
using the Internet--we can see that words, body language,
and images have caused and continue causing emotional/mental
and physical suicides.

Freedom of speech should be limited as it is freedom of action.
And there should be laws which penalize its destructive use.

Perhaps, the man with the black eye, who had invited the
"aggressor" 's wife to bed while the couple were at the concert,
should have been the one tried, because in the final analysis,
he was the true aggressor.

Note.- DaySounds doesn't condone or advocate retaliation,
but a change in the legal system.

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Updated September 21, 2012