Spanglish Romance

Spanglish Romance
By DaySounds © 2012-19

Grandes pasas donde pasas
En la mesa de la seta.
Me pesa que me pesa
Esta zeta de la cesta.

Complacent, but not complaisant,
She flew from the flu
In order to avoid a void
Of men's egos eating higos.

Alone because of his huge loan,
Y por el olor a queso de sus quesos,
He reached out to kiss her mouth;
But, instead, he kissed a mouse;
So he didn't get his bride, but a bridle.

She bought a flat on the flats, with a view,
And told us her view of the story
From the second story...
¡Vaya panorama con su panorama! :

They were building a tall building
Justo enfrente de su frente.
Se acordó de lo que acordó,
Y a la mente vino el vino;
Pero el recuerdo del cuerdo la salvó.

She just smiled for a mile,
Recordando al de los quesos
Dando besos por un ratón.
Now, she was deaf to his debt.

"Take the miss," his friends advised,
"And marry her."
But he reasoned: Pienso en el pienso.
If she's a loan and me too,
I won't make that mistake.
We should just hung around
With just friends.

And sooo they did,
Halting the romantic relationship.
Porque ella inquirió de su madre
Acerca de él.
Quien le contestó cerca de la cerca,
"Ese chico chico es pera."
Le desanimó la respuesta, pero esperó,
Con la res puesta en el asador.

Now that winter has passed,
And the thyme has ripened,
They are again holding hands,
Without a gain for an end.

Family and friends merry
Because they have decided to marry.

La pareja se casa en casa,
y del pastel parte su parte.

Frank and Rina are fine spouses.
They gather together to plan,
Pay utilities and fines,
And eat pan from the pan.
With a good cause,
They spouse good causes.

As one, they pray and play,
And have fun around the fan.

By the sea, everyone can see
That Frank is kind, sincere,
(And kind of firm in the firm,
But not at home).
Rina's faith in God is full,
And she is a faithful wife too.

In the basket, no more raisins,
Hablan inglés y español en la calle
(y no hay quien les calle),
But Mandarin-ah! in the house.


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