Riding a Thunderstorm

--by Daysounds

Cirrostratus, altostratus, black stratocumulus, anvils, cumulonimbus, nimbus, cumulonimbus, anvils--a roller-coaster without structure, free; abdominal muscles contracting and relaxing in an endless cycle; metal wings flapping out of control; our bodies swinging back and forth, left and right; thoughts of life and death dashing through; lightening, thunder....

With a gentle smile on her face, a calmed voice inside the 300-passenger flying machine asked, "You know what really matters in life?" Her eyes fixed on mine, the spectacled elderly lady seated next to me waited for an answer.

"God, family, friends, and food, in that order, are the most important things in life, and what really matters," she responded.

Her priorities were on target; however, I was pondering what she would like my role to be in attempting to assist her in the event we crashed and survived. Perhaps "neighbor" was a forgotten word in her list.

As more ridges are drawn on our skin, more soft, profound, and close to reality most human beings become. Where are riches on the priority list of an eighty year old? Naked we were brought to this world, and naked we shall depart.

May our eyes turn now to what really matters, without waiting to see our lives threatened by events we can't control; so that when we smoothly or abruptly depart, know we have reached the right goals and not wasted on hatred, self-interests, and pride the few years we had on Planet Earth.

How wonderful if when our Father God calls us from the clouds, we hear, "Well done faithful servant, come to the joy of your Lord."
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God is our ever present help in the time of trouble.