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Noah Webster, back in 1783, published "The Speller," which contained "A Moral Catechism."
It was the first volume of his Grammatical Institutes of the English Language. "Of Cheerfulness"
was one of the sections within that Moral Catechism. In it, he wrote:

"Q. What shall one do, when overwhelmed with grief?
"A. The best method of expelling grief from the mind, or of quieting its pains, is to change
objects that are about us; to ride from place to place, and frequent cheerful company. It is
our duty so to do, especially when grief sits heavy on the heart."

"Q. What has Christ said concerning gloomy Christians?
"A. ...He expressly enjoins upon his followers marks of cheerfulness. Indeed, the only true
ground of perpetual cheerfulness is a consciousness of ever having done well, and an
assurance of divine favor."

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