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Forgive Me
--by Daysounds

Oh, Father God,
How I've missed the boat!
Looking for freedom,
I've ended up trapped!,
In bondage to my soul.

As someone frantically
Of sinking sand
Tries to get out,
Only to see himself
The more quickly
Getting under,

So my struggle
To avoid the orders
Given by "fools"
Has taken me to travel
On the rejection road,
A road full with trouble,
and insults.

To my ego bonded,
I've lost the freedom
Only granted
By humility, meekness,
And love.

Trying to seek
My own wishes,
I have strangled
my hope.

Trusting and holding
To the rope,
I am falling, free falling,
I lost my hold on the rock.
As it turned out,
There was no one belaying
Either above or below.

Forgive me, Jesus,
Please stretch out Your Hand,
And save me, once more.

© 2006 Daysounds

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Updated June 14, 2006