Melting Glass
By Reveille Kennedy

A friend of mine asked me to make some glass crosses and pins for gifts. When I finished them, I took them to her parents' house.

They asked me about the process of melting the glass. I told them how you cut it, and layer other shards of glass on top. You place them in a very small kiln that has been heated to 500 degrees Farenheit. It has to reach a temperature of about 1600 degrees to melt the glass into itself.

They said, "You can't look into the kiln to see what is happening, can you?" It was then that I realized that this was a message. God was showing me, as I was explaining it to them, how He sees us.

I said, 'Yes, you can take the top off the kiln while it is heating and look in. When the glass is at its hottest, I think it is when it's the most beautiful. It has a shape, but no color. It is white hot and glowing.

God was showing me that we too are like that liquid glass. We are the most beautiful in God's eyes when we are having the biggest problems, troubles, heartaches, and pain because that is when God sees us needing Him. He loves us the most when we are neediest.

We are being molded into a new creation when we hurt the most. When we are white hot in the middle of our muddle, its' when God opens our hearts and sears them. It is not fun, and we might not like it, but God is always in control and knows what is best for us spiritually.

Angel painting: Reveille Kennedy, Ice picture: DaySounds, Melting Glass article: Reveille Kennedy

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