Help, I am sinking!
by Daysounds

Help, please, help,
I am sinking!!!!
The raging seas roar
All over me!
The mighty waters
Have broken in!

Help, help, I am sinking!!!
By friendly fire
In a foggy morning
I have been hit.
And there is no way
I can survive.

Help, I am sinking, help!!
My dear, faithful friend,
You, who inflicted the damage,
Please, come to my aid.

I am sinking, help!
Shall I abandon ship?
Shall I jump over board,
Into the turbulent waters

I am sinking.
She is not coming...
She does not see
The damage inflicted

"God, where are You, God?"
Cries my heart,
"Neither You can hear me?
Neither You can see?"

The wind blows heavy whistles.
The waves thunder,
Breaking the ship further apart.

"Be still,"
A calmed voice says
Within my soul,
"Let me the rudder hold.
And I will take you
To a safe port.

"Be still.
What I have promised
I will deliver
If you just wait.
I Am the Almighty,
Your Father,

copyright 2005 Daysounds
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Colorado Springs, CO 80962 



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