Historical Name Changes, and Architecture Demolished

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Let us leave past hurts behind, forgive, and not allow them to ruin our
lives and a good relationship with others.

We certainly shouldn't honor evil people or deeds. Therefore, we shouldn't
name a geographical location, erect a building, or do anything else for
that purpose--Now or in the future.

However, if a geographical location was named, or a building was erected
long time ago to honor or by someone who was destructive, what do we gain
by changing the name of that location, or destroying that building?

That action, or the public re-awareness of that evil, will do precisely
that: awaken past hurts, grudges, and hatred.

Spain was invaded by the Arabs in 711 A.D. During the invasion wars, tens
of thousands Spaniards were killed by them. Madrid was named by the
invaders; the name comes from the Arabic name Majrit. Andalucía comes from
the Arabic Al-Andalus. Should Spaniards change those names? The Arabs
build the famous Alhambra, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, and so many other
historical monuments. Should they be destroyed?

The Romans killed hundred of thousands of people around the world as they
took over their land. Should we destroy the Roman architecture that they
built and is still standing?

No, instead, let us bury past hurts and put aside all grudges and hatred;
let us build bridges of understanding and friendship.
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