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De DaySounds © 2024

El silencio es un pozo,
Es un pozo de agua clara,
Que puede dar vida al sediento,
O quitársela por sutil envenenamiento.

El que sabe de un plan de asesinato,
Y no advierte a la víctima a tiempo;
La que sabe que unos rumores son falsos,
Y no dice nada al respecto;
El que puede hacer las paces entre dos amigos,
Y, sin embargo, se queda quieto,
En el pozo está virtiendo arsénico.

Quien al insulto o agravio no responde con otro,
Quien cuando es exaltado guarda sus labios cerrados,
Quien, sin interrupción, atentamente escucha
Al corazón atribulado,
En el pozo está virtiendo, como Moisés en Mara.
Un arbusto que sana.

By DaySounds © 2024

Silence is a well,
It is a well of clear water,
That can give life to the thirsty,
Or take it away by subtle poisoning.

He who knows of a murder plan,
And does not warn the victim at once;
He who knows that certain rumors are false,
And about it doesn't speak at all,
He who can make peace between two friends,
And yet stands still,
Is pouring poison into the well

He who does not respond to an insult or injury
With another one,
Who, when exalted, keeps his lips closed,
Who, without interruption, attentively listens
To a troubled heart,
Into the well is pouring, like Moses in Marah,
A healing plant.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, may our dear Father God
fill you with His presence and love.
In Christ, our Lord and Savior: