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Satan and his servants,
Stirred by envy, selfishness, and pride--
Smooth speakers, experts in deception--
Secretly slander, spread sinister lies.

In a sneaky, sly way,
Words and events they twist or invent,
And through the "listening," "powerful" ears
Of those who the victim refuse to hear,
They slay their unsuspecting prey.

They lay aside facts, and the reality
That The Almighty God is Omniscient,
And that, in due time, Satan and his servants
By The Judge of the Universe
Will be justly tried and sentenced
To be punished here, on Earth,
And if they don't repent,
To the never-ending Hell.
Slander, through all cultures and millennia--as a tornado, devastates
and/or destroys interpersonal, intercultural, and international relationships,
affecting families, friends, teams, work environments, schools, businesses,
religious institutions, neighborhoods, towns, cities, nations, the entire world.
To slander is to make false, damaging accusations against a person or persons.

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