The Placemat
The Placemat
(Name Calling, or Unmasking Evildoers?)
by DaySounds, © 2022

"Always stay humble and kind,"
The placemat under my plate says.

As Christians, we well know
That Jesus is our example to follow;

However, at certain times,
He called people, "Fools,
Hypocrites, blind guides,
Snakes, robbers, vipers,
Murderers, liars, wolves, ..."

Those names He didn't tell in private,
But by them and others to be heard.

His obvious purpose is and was
To open the eyes of the receivers--
But also to identify, uncover,
Unmask them.

Unmask those who pretended
To be something that weren't,
Who hurt others as they pleased,
In order to achieve, and maintain,
Their own selfish desires,
Exaltation, power, and financial gain.

I guess the word "Always" should be
When the mat is
Out of place.

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