Stone Heart
By DaySounds © 2023

Hard Stone heart,
You care about nothing or no one;
It is just you and your plans.

Snow, hail, ice, water,
Strong winds, lightening, thunder, sand...
The stone breaks and cracks,
Nearly split in two parts.
Lichens and moss on you have grown--
There is life at last.

Within the fissure,
A tiny plant--all hope lost--sheds tears,
Without knowing that after a short while,
Out of the broken heart,
A beautiful, aromatic, rose is going to appear.

Corazón de Piedra
de DaySounds © 2023

Corazón de piedra duro,
Nada, ni nadie, te importa
Sino tú y tus planes futuros.

Agua, nieve, granizo, hielo,
Fuerte viento, arena,
Rayos, y truenos...
La roca se quebranta
Casi en dos partida.
Líquenes y musgos
En ti han crecido--
Por fin hay vida.

En la hendidura,
Una diminuta planta,
Sin esperanza, llora;
Sin saber que,
En poco tiempo,
Del corazón roto
Va a brotar una linda
Y aromática rosa.

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