Table Table
The Storm
By DaySounds © 2024

Tunes, notes, silence, cartoons,
Rolling water, magpie chatter,
Who cares about brainwashing, numbing
Movies, video games, or Media news?

Sun rays bathing a marmot;
A pica is carrying a bouquet of flowers
To his wife, daughters, mother, sister?
Who knows?

Lightning, and--without any silver lining--
Dark, dense clouds,
Hail, rain, snow, hail, sunshine, rain, hail,
The funny cartoons, by the wind blown,
Are gone.

The elk skull keeps smiling
While the mountain lion--
Looking left and right--finishes up
What he had caught.
Turkey vultures,
Perched on nearby trees,
Wait their turn.

The wind has ceased.
The music starts playing again.
Mocking birds, meadow larks,
And melodia sparrows
Take their places
In the wide, open stage.

Behind me,
Through a deep blue sky,
the Sun shines;
A handful puffy clouds,
Stroll in the foreground.

In front of me,
The menacing, departing clouds,
Keep lifting up their fists,
Throwing fading thunderous bolts.

There is no rainbow, large or small,
Anywhere around,
But there is warmth, peace and calm,
Fresh air at last,
Gone is the smog.
Now I can clearly see who and what,
What lies ahead,
What is near, and what is here.
Thanks be to God!

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