"To be or not to be."
by DaySounds © 2022

Shakespeare's words in his play Hamlet (Act 3, Scene 1), echo
the dilemma many people have faced, are facing, and will be
facing when enduring devastating pain--whether it be physical,
emotional, or intellectual.

"Not to be" is deceiving because we never cease to be. After
our physical death, all physical pain goes away, but our spirit
is still alive.

The tree shadow facing the cliff in the picture looks like the
head of a human being. Even though we might think otherwise,
there are people who truly care about us, and would be emotional
and mentally devastated if we decide "to jump."

Our Father God has created you and loves you very dearly. He will
be hurt as well. Please, do Not jump!

...And if you decide "to be," try to be a kind, forgiving, merciful,
compassionate person, love God in return, and try to love others
with His love. Rest in your Father's Arms. Place your hurt, worry
and anxiety upon Him. Rest, rest in the Almighty God.


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