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Once upon a time,
Far, far away,
Long, long time ago,
A white man's face
A white man tried to draw.

"I can not do that,"
The white color pencil said.
"See on the white paper
Leaning your hand?
They don't match!
Use the brown instead."

It astounded the painter,
Who, annoyed and surprised,
at once the pencil dropped.

"I'll draw a black man's face,"
Regaining his composure,
With confidence he exclaimed.

"I can not do that,"
The black color pencil said.
"See on your computer
The Black Heritage Set?
We don't match!
Use the brown instead."

"Yellow, yellow,
Can you color,
A Chinese man's face?"

"No, my master,
In your travels
All through Asia,
Have you ever met
Someone healthy
Looking that sickly
Use the brown instead."

"Red, red,
Be nice to me, red.
Could you, please,
Come to my help?
I'll draw
An American Indian,
From the West."

"We all have been there,"
The color pencils in unison said.
"For centuries we were trees
In those beautiful valleys and peaks.

"We saw red sunrises and sunsets,
But except for blushing, pushing,
Pulling, coughing, and sunburn,
We never ever saw a red face.
Use the brown instead."

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