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The Deception of Christianity
--by DaySounds © 2002-2016

The wind blows, the boat is ready.
The waves roll and fly, evaporating.
The Sun smiles, while stars hide their faces.
The breeze is cold, numbing, like kisses;
The kisses of an enemy who called herself sister.
Liberty that enslaves, making soul-less shadows
At the feet of the mighty, the powerful.
Open shackles that drag behind our feet,
"Fers" still around our ankles.
Empty crosses hanging on empty hearts--
Les coeurs de los que se dicen chretiens.
Deadly selfishness, pride, and negligence:
Weapons with which estas matando a tu hermano
Jesus Christ is a swear word
Because of fishes sans amour,
Wolves in sheep skin, dead pulpit y bancos;
But Jesus died on the cross for you--
Pas de conte, true truth, no es un cuento
His love for you is alive,
As real as His resurrection.
There are a few lights shining around you.
Get close to them, cheer up, and don't despair.
Receive God's love and share.
It is not the sheep's, but the wolves' deception.

Translation notes.- Fers (French)= Irons; Les coeurs (French)= The hearts; de los que se dicen (Spanish)= of those who call themselves; chretiens (French)= Christians; estas matando a tu hermano (Spanish)= you are killing your brother; sans amour (French)= without love; y bancos (Spanish)= and benches; Pas de conte (French)= It's not a tale; no es un cuento (Spanish)= It's not a tale;

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