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--written & submitted by Anna Domenech (10 years old)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was very poor.
Her name was Bloom.
She had nothing at all,
Except for her old ragged dress and a book.

Bloom lived in a forest, in France.
Bloom was lonely and sad;
But, then, she found a monkey.
The monkey, by cuddling to her,
Always cheered her up.

Some days, from trees Bloom got her food;
And other days she starved
Because she didn't feel good.

Guards killed her parents.
The king thought they had done wrong
By giving shelter and food to the poor.
"Poor people," the king thought,
"Don't have the right to live."
But Bloom's parents did only good.
She was caught too, but escaped.

One day, she went out
To find new things, like money.
Bloom went down
A trail that led to a town.
Where she found lots of money,
But not enough to go on a train
To where her grandma lived, in London.

She found food and merchandise
Left behind by travelers.
Then, she found a bottle.
It was a weird bottle
With two handles and a cap.
A silver cap.

The bottle was gold.
The handles were iron.
It was really heavy too.
She opened the cap
And something amazing happened:
A real, alive genie
Was in front of her!

The genie was purple,
With a tint of red
From bottom to top.
He had silver rings
On his stomach
And on his wrists.

She could not believe it!
Then, he said in a deep voice,
"I will grant you three wishes,
About anything you would like."

So, she explained,
"I want a million more wishes."
"I can not do that," he explained,
"That's too much wishing...
"I can not make come true
"That many wishes."

"Then, I wish...
"I was Princess of France."
Bloom picked it because she thought
It would be fun.

The genie did what she announced.
Bloom thought it was great,
But she remembered
She couldn't talk French.

"Ok, Genie, I wish...
"I could talk every language."
She wished that
So she could talk to anyone.
He made it come true.

She was thinking
What her last wish would be.
Bloom knew.
Her wish would be
That her parents were alive.

Bloom wished that
So that she could have a home
And eat nicely too.
Bloom wished that...
And it came true!

She kissed her mom and dad,
And, crying with joy,
Went in their arms.

She now had her parents,
And that's all she needed.
She felt happier than ever.

The End.

Bloom page 2

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