--by Daysounds © 2005

What is happening to me, oh Lord?
What is this feeling which doesn't go away?
Why do I keep loving,
After so many times I have been hurt?

I don't understand, Father.
Could, you, please, explain?

What is happening to me, oh Lord?
I give blessings, but get curses in return.
And I keep praying, giving, loving as before,
Is there something with me wrong ?

Sometimes, I wish I could be like other people,
Who, after being hurt, hate and reject.
In a way, I've tried to be like them.

At a point, I stopped praying,
Praying for the one who
into my heart drew the sword .
For a few days, it worked.
I didn't pray either for a blessing or a curse.
I just didn't pray for her at all.
But the fire kept burning,
My heart exploding.

Until, after a few days,
Bursting into flames,
I prayed for my sister again.
What a peace, what a joy...
floating in the air, filled with love,
Free once more.

Why can't I hate?
Be normal, like other people, Lord?
It would separate me from You?
Never, my dear Father,
Never, my dear God.
I see the cross. I am yours.
May always Your will in me be done.
I love You, Lord.

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