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Christmas is not about mistletoe.
Mistletoe is a parasite
which lives
by sucking the life out of its host.
Christmas is about Christ,
who gave his,
so that we can have our own.

Christmas is not about Santa--
the mythological fat man in the red suit,
who favors the rich and overlooks the poor.
Christmas is about Christ--
the real person in the red skin,
one who doesn't play favorites,
whose gifts are love, peace,
forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Christmas is not about me
--what I will get.
Christmas is about Christ living in me,
--what I will give...Him.

Christmas in not about "Happy Holidays!"
Christmas is about Christ
--the days are neither Holy nor Happy
without Him.

What a weird birthday party
will it be,
when the signs, banners, and cake
mention not yours,
but someone else's name?

Christmas is not about shopping and partying
with family and friends.
Christmas is about Christ,
spending time with Him,
honoring what He taught...
with your whole life
--mind, body, and soul.

Christmas is the thankful,
joyful celebration
of God taking the shape of humans,
the long expected
--that little baby
who grew and became a prophet,
who paid the penalty for our sins,
disobedience and rebellion.
People spat on him, mocked him.
He was tortured and executed,
but he didn't curse, spit, or insult--
rather, he forgave, blessed, and loved.

Christmas is about Jesus resurrection,
Sending us the Holy Spirit, the Counselor and Comforter,
the "Paracleto."

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