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Say, "Yes" to Life.
Say, "Yes" to Life.
--by DaySounds © 2012-14

Say, "Yes" to life,
With its clouds and storms,
Which bring cleanness,
Refreshment, and growth.

Say, "Yes" to life,
And be patient,
Because all storms have an end,
A purpose--that's what I meant.

Say, "Yes" to life,
Because, sometimes, one dies
Without listening,
Yet hearing, the drops
Knocking at the window,
Persistently, knocking at the door.

Say, "Yes" to life,
Reflect during the storm,
Sing in the rain,
Give thanks to God.

Say, "Yes" to life,
Even if the desired rainbow,
With its diverse, bright, majestic colors
Fails to show.

Say, "Yes" to life.
Have you noticed
That rainbows have sad faces--
Or, perhaps, happy,
But our perspective is wrong?

Say, "Yes" to life.
All we need to do
Is to get our feet off the ground,
And put them in Heaven,
Turn down-side up,
To see in the bows the smile,
The approval of God.

Di "Sí" a la Vida.
De DaySounds © 2012-14

Di "Sí" a la vida,
Con sus nubes y tormentas,
Que traen crecimiento,
Refrigerio y limpieza.

Di "Sí" a la vida,
Y ten paciencia,
Porque toda tormenta tiene su fin,
Su propósito, quiero decir.

Di "Sí" a la vida,
Porque, a veces, uno muere
Sin escuchar,
Mas oyendo las gotas tocando a la ventana,
Persistentemente, llamando a la puerta

Di "Sí" a la vida,
Canta bajo la lluvia,
Dale gracias a Dios.
Reflexiona durante la tormenta,

Di "Sí" a la vida,
Aunque no salga
Ese esperado arco iris,
Con sus brillantes,
Diversos, majestuosos colores.

Di "Sí" a la vida,
?Has observado que
Los arcos iris tienen caras tristes--
O, tal vez, alegres,
Y no los vemos
Desde la perspectiva correcta?

Di "Sí" a la vida,
Sólo necesitamos
Alzar los pies de la tierra,
Y ponerlos en el Cielo,
Darnos la vuelta,
Para ver en los arcos
La aprobación de Dios,
Una sonrisa sincera.


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