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The Ghost
--by Daysounds, © 2003-06

A ghost nobody sees,
A ghost nobody wants,
A ghost everybody flees,
I've become a nightmare
To those who see me on their path.

By my appearance spooked,
Those I love hide from me.
They close windows and doors.
They don't allow to be touched.

I am a vampire, awake at night,
Sucking up my own tears
Flying in the darkness
Of my own despair.

A stake half-driven through my heart,
Painfully crashing against all obstacles,
With a damaged radar,
Staggering, confused,
Drunk with the vintage of rejection .

Oh, come to the One
Who can your life repair,
Put together your broken pieces,
Anf fill you with true, unselfish affection,
To the one who, at the stake,
Changed darkness into light,
And night sobbing into joyful daysounds
At His resurrection.

A welcome home is in His arms.
Don't stay in that far land.
Your lovers will never satisfy your thirst,
Nor fill your empty heart.
Unload your heavy, dirty pack,
Leave it for good behind,
Run fast, never look back,
And, in His loving embrace,
Accept His forgiveness and redemption.

The Beggar

copyright 2003 Daysounds
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Updated September 9, 2006