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How to win our daily battles over deadly issues

--by DaySounds © 2003-16

1.- We must develop a close friendship with our Father God.

A close friendship is developed through talking sincerely, doing activities together, enjoying silence together, listening, and opening one's heart without secrets to the other person.

2.- We need to accept God's love.

One of the greatest deceptions Satan tries to implant in our minds is that God is a selfish god who only cares about himself and tries to use us for his own benefit, withdrawing from us what is really good (eg. Paradise: Adam, Eve, and the forbidden tree).

God sent His only begotten Son that we may have eternal life. Jesus Christ died on a cross for our sins. What greater expression of love?

3.- We need to love God.

When we truly accept and are fully conscious of God's love for us, we expontaneously love God in return.

That love must be extended to our neighbor--not in the shape of sexual love, but in the shape of agape love (which in the case of an inmoral relationship, for example, would imply either not to see that person ever again, or have no physical contact and avoid beeing alone with that person).

4.- We must establish boundaries.

What we watch
What we listen to
What we touch
What we let others touch

5.- We need to have friends that truly love God, and show it with their lives, friends that will help us win the victory, friends that truly love us.

6.- We need to break sinful relationships and habits.It doesn't matter how hard it might be.

7.- We must ask ourselves this question: if Jesus were physically present, would I do it, would I say it?

8.- Let us stop filling our minds and spirits with what is sinful, and start filling them with what is good (according to God's definition) on a daily basis.

9.- Let us take care of our bodies with sound exercise, food, activities, and rest.

10.- We must not think of our passed sins and mistakes (unless it is to mediate on their terrible, devastating consequences, in order not to fall again--not in order to get ourselves down). In Christ we are made new creatures, being perfected on a daily basis.

11.- If necessary (and possible), we should relocate far away from the person/ people/ places/ circumstances that enslave us to sin and cut all and any contact with them.

12.- Let's be thankful to our Father God for creating us and loving us persistently.

Yahweh, the King of kings and Lord of Lords, the Beginning and the End, our Sheperd, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Creator of the Universe is on our side. We will win. We will have the victory over the issues we are fighting!

Princess Donna

copyright 2003-16 DaySounds
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