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Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories
by Rebecca Spencer

It's so refreshing to see kids being kids....

The day turning out to be a hot July afternoon,
You find yourself sitting outside on a porch swing,
Reading a book,
Experiencing the conversations amongst birds.

Neighbors, strangers, and families,
Walk pass my front porch,
Excited about their agenda for the day.

After I turned the page to a new chapter,
I began to stare at the family houses,
And well-kept yards across the street--
Even spotted plump squirrels
Chasing each other around.

A soccer mom came into view
With her daughter probably 6
And her son 8 on each side of her;
The siblings loudly exchanging silly stories,
While the mother soaked up every part, giggling.
Hey, I even smiled.

Next, came a middle-aged father rollerblading,
Alongside his coming to age son.
They had a strong bond,
Based on how their gracious equivalent pace was.

Then, came young parents walking with their toddler,
The mother grabbing onto the tiny hands,
Guiding and encouraging the baby's curiosity.

A group of rowdy adolescents on shiny bikes,
Taking a stroll in the middle of street, followed.
It wasn't long before my mind drifted to my childhood...
I remember jumping into my dad's arms when he finally got home,
"Daddy! Daddy!"

And when I zipped to the front door after I heard the doorbell ring,
"Orlando's is here!
Something about the pizza man,
Carefully setting the large pizzas on my small arms,
And placing the large fries on top,
Made me feel strong, like superwoman.

Or when my family took a long bike trip to the beach.
We all followed mom as if she was a mama duck",
And we were the ducklings.

And when my brothers and I horse-played
With Star Wars plastic lasers in the front driveway,
"Ah HA! Got you!"

Or even when my dad gifted us with Nerf guns--
The whole house turning into a combat zone.

I remember when bedtime was the sweetest part of the day,
My mom climbing in bed with me,
Reading Junie B. Jones books to me every night,
And, then, both parents tucking me in with a kiss.

Thinking of these innocent memoires caused my eyes to gloss...
So precious and fundamental.

It upsets me knowing that not every adult
Has joyous childhood memories.
All the more for me to be grateful for.
I, finally, my attention back to the new chapter turn.

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