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My Second Wife
by DaySounds, © 2016-17

So many years divorced...
"It would be nice to have a wife,"
I thought.

And my request was granted--
Sometimes we don't know
What we are asking for,

Because she is ugly
and unpleasant,
Unpleasantly ugly.

At night, every single night,
With her I plead,
"Please let me fall asleep,"
But, mercilessly,
She keeps bothering me.

Finally, before dawn,
She leaves me alone.

When I wake up in the morning,
I don't see her anymore.
"She is gone, she is gone!
Free at last, what a relief,"
I think.

But she quickly returns,
And all through the day,
Pestering me,
On she goes.

Who could she be?
Dolores* her name is.

*.- Dolores is a Spanish word which means sorrows or pain(s).
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Updated January 9th., 2017