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Encounter at Sea

Encounter at Sea
by DaySounds © 2019

At sunset,
Slow and gracefully,
Swinging and swimming
--Like dancing--
At a fresh water sea
A swain swan was;
When, all of a sudden,
The sight of the shimmering figure
Of a sailor
Stopped him on his tracks.

"What are you doing in the water
wearing that soaking wet white suit
And shining like the stars?"
Approaching the man, he asked.

"Do you see that fabulous fish tail
Over there, waving at me?
It looks like a fish, but it is a girl.
From the ship--
With a spark in her eye,
Staring at me,
I saw her smiling pretty face!
On my way I am to ask her for a date."

"You are day-dreaming, buddy,
The tales of mermaids
Haven't you heard?...
But if you wish to be her suitor,
Silly sailor, suit yourself."

"And what were you doing over there?"
The man said, a little hurt.

"Do you see that beautiful,
Glittering pen?
I am going to court her."
The answer came.

"Hah! Who is silly here?"
The sailor said,
"There is no pen or pencil anywhere.
It is a plastic lure
Set by my captain
To catch big birds."

They both parted their ways
Waving goodbyes,
While rolling their eyes,
And shaking their heads

That night,
The sailor was the siren's supper;
And the cob, the captain's main course.

Notes: swain=suitor; pen=female swan; cob=male swan

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Updated June 28, 2019