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Get Up!
by DaySounds © 2017

Stretching its arms, with its eyes blinking,
The alarm clock is singing;
While the melodious sound of meadow larks,
As inspiring as ever,
Through the roof tiles

Their pink housecoats
The mountains have donned,
Whilst the puffy, cotton clouds above
Try their yellow, orange, and red dresses...
It reminds me of my three beautiful daughters,
Sarah, Anna, and Rachel.

Where has the sun gone? I don't know.
Somewhere hiding behind those rocks.

Turn to the right; turn to the left;
Hum a song of praise.
Nicely soft, the pillow feels good,
Under the blankets,
I keep hiding too.

Gleaming rose hips
And silky, shiny green leaves
"It's time to get up!" humbly announce,
"Do not dwell in the past.
You, like us,
Between flowers, leaves, and berries,
Also have thorns.

"Forgive, as you want to be forgiven;
Then, rise and shine, ...Get up!
Today you can be
The nourishment needed
By a hungry soul.

"The best is yet to come.
Thanks be to God!"

copyright 2017 DaySounds
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Updated October 21st., 2017