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I still remember.
How can anyone, who had been there,
That senseless death ever forget ?

All happened in a beautiful morning,
During the Easter school break,
Way back in 1858.

In slow motion, thin, large snow flakes,
Were floating down in the air.
Shyly, Sun rays were filtering through,
Forming little rainbows in front of my nose.

We were playing marbles
In that small park--yes, you know,
That small park by the river walk,
The one next to Uncle Joe's bakery shop.

Nearby, a couple of twins
Seem to be pleading to join the game.
And closer and closer, they came.

Our parents had told us
Not to approach them,
But they were the ones
Who had come to watch, anyway.
Besides, they were little ones, just like us.
Their soft, orange-brownish furs
With groovy dots randomly graced.

Freddy, in a fair way, was winning the game.
As a matter of fact,
Nearly all our marbles
He had already won,
Even the red, yellow, and black--
My favorite one.

Rex was mad, really mad.
I could tell by the looks on his face.
And it was getting worse and worse
The more marbles he lost--
As if, at any time, he were going to explode.

All of a sudden, he stood up,
And, mercilessly,
With his cowboy boots and fisted hands,
Beat Freddy up.

Behind the clouds hid its face the Sun;
Jumping up and down, the twin fawns fled fast;
And, aided by an unexpected wind,
Even the snow flakes, stopping their dance, flew way up,
Unwilling to see what was going on
Down, in the park.

We stood there, dumbfounded, motionless, shocked,
While big, tall Rex, after getting in his pockets all the marbles,
Now relaxed, with a big smile, looked at us.

As he was leaving, he stopped, turned around, and shouted,
"Tell my father, if you dare. I am not scared.
He always says,
'Son, if it feels good to you, do anything you want.'
So long losers, ... and don't forget to wake Freddy up!"

Marbles--Part II

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