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Adeste Fideles


by Rebecca Spencer © 2019

As my thoughts search for an escape,
The scale balances until there is stillness,
But my lips stay sealed.

How can a situation make you so uneasy,
That your brain to your body
No longer sends messages?
You're at a loss
As to why you cannot respond ...
" Please, at least do or say something."
Do not push me, my mind with venom
Has flooded!

Silence can either be a weapon or a shield ,
But more often than not,
Consciously or unconsciously, it is both.

Knotted up and stiff I feel,
When emotions so tightly twist.
My stare appears emotionless,
And my dark chocolate colored eyes,
With fog become frosted.

Demanding not to make a sound,
I abduct myself,
Or this newly sharpened knife
Will meet my throat.

Like scrabble--the board game,
Words become scattered,
And oxygen becomes non-existent,
As if I just teleported to space.

Reality is switched out for a comical fantasy,
Where I cannot go up or down, left or right.
I become paralyzed,
Into a sculpture ...

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Updated August 12, 2019