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Alejandro Mayorkas, the new Secretary of Homeland Security, declared last
month (March, 2021) that inside the USA violent extremism poses the most
lethal and persistent terrorism related threat to the homeland today.

What he failed to say is that there is a form of racial/ethnocentric terrorism
that is much more widespread than the violent ones, one which is found in
different expressions, like introducing carcinogens in foods (at restaurants,
parties, etc.), slandering to the point of ruining jobs and reputations, or making
one feel like garbage, among others. We should peacefully fight to eliminate
that terrorism.

One of the problems hindering this fight is that homosexual, lesbian, and
transgender organizations are introducing their sinful agendas as being one
and the same as ours (some adulterers convince themselves and others of the
same lie: "I was born this way"). Perversion, by willful choice or community
upbringing, comes in all skin colors and ethnical backgrounds.

The Bible provides the objective truth, the ethical and moral values to be
held. If we abide by them, we will find the peace we need.

If you belong to a supremacist group, you can and should break free from
peer pressure. Stop brainwashing yourself and being brainwashed by their
literature, talks, and videos. Read the Bible in context, and pray because God
loves you and all His creation.

May God help us to proclaim the truth not with hatred, but with His Love.

Notes.- Violence should only be used as self-defense against violence.
Terrorism, of any kind and against anybody, should never be used.

The practice of homosexuality or adultery doesn't make the person garbage,
but he or she needs to understand that it can and should be overcome because
it is a destructive practice, which hurts the practitioner and others by
distorting God's purpose for his or her life, with all its consequences.


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Updated Saturday, April 17th., 2021